DIY- Gel Nail Polish Removal


Too often we’re in a rush and make wrong decisions when it comes to our nails. Whether you’re wearing gel nail polish or a full set of acrylics, there’s always a right way to remove those bad boys so that it does not cause damage to your nails in the long run. Today I’m here to show you a quick, easy and effective way to get those gel nail polishes off so that you’ll enjoy long lasting results.

I have created a series of step by step videos that will show you how to remove the gel polish, get your cuticles cleaned up the right way and then adding the gel back on all by yourself.

Make 2020 the year to save time and money ladies!

Below is step 1 of the series and guaranteed to make your nail process better in the long run.


Tune back in next week for the next step.

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