10 Last Minute Gift Ideas 2019

So we’re well into the second week in December and time is ticking my friends. Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us and gift giving can be the most stressful thing about the end of the year specially when you leave it for the last minute.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gifts for 2019 that is sure to make any one on your list love you a little more.

Seriously, add these items to your cart immediately and thank me later.


1. Portable Photo Printer- Get it here

It’s very rare that you will find a person that doesn’t enjoy a picture. So what better gift then a portable printer for those memorable moments everybody treasures so much huh?! This one is affordable and super easy to use.


2. FitBit Watch- Get it here

At this point, if a person doesn’t already have a FitBit, then it’s a gift you must give. The versa 2 is a fantastic smart watch and you’ll be the super gift giver of the year if you get it. Plus, it’s a super steal at only $129. Win win.


3. Elegant Decanter- Get it here

This one is for the wine lovers or even for the ones that have no clue, but want to look the part. Allowing your wine to breathe before enjoying it is a must so why not help out your friends be in with the times.


4. Spa Finder Gift Card- Get it here

This one is a no brainer. EVERYBODY can use a massage so give them a little push to relax.


5. Bathtub Caddy Tray- Get it here

A bathtub caddy tray is one of those gifts you never even think of and a lot of the times you’ll even go as far as saying why bother right? But, let me be clear when I say this, it’s exactly what you need and have been missing out all this time!! It’s perfect for relaxing in the bathtub with all your favorite things. Grab a book, a glass of wine  and a scented candle or your iPad in order to watch a movie and just soak away the stress of the day. You won’t be disappointed with giving this and while you’re at it, get yourself one too.


6. Instapot- Get it here

This one is easy, an instapot is a perfect gift for anyone who has a kitchen. It’s your one stop pot for everything whether you’re already a good cook or if you don’t have a clue.



7. Car Phone Mount

This Magnetic Phone Holder is perfect for someone who uses their phone for directions. It’s super easy to install and it’s very durable.  Get it here


8. Giant Wooden Jenga- Get it here

Jenga is the one game that everybody from young to mature can enjoy together. So what better gift then giving a giant set for loads of fun!


9. DIY Slime Kit- Get it here

This one is for the kids. The parents won’t love you that much, but you’ll be a kid pleaser for sure. They love this stuff.


10. Watch Ya’ Mouth- Family Edition- Get it here

Another kid friendly gift. This edition is super fun for the whole family. Definitely a crowd pleaser for families with children. I bet you’ll even want to play yourself!!


And that’s all folks. Have a wonderful holiday season full of joy and happiness.

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