Lemon & ACV Detox: The major change you should make!


The recipe I used:

8 oz of water.

1 lemon or lime. (I cut the lemon or lime in half, squeeze 1 half into the water and add the other to the bottom of the cup.)

2 teaspoons of ACV

The benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar and lemon water are endless and so many people out there vouch for adding both of these ingredients to you diet. There are numerous of articles regarding this recipe out on the internet varying from it works wonders to it does nothing at all. Some people say it works and some people say it doesn’t. There are also several variations of how to make the recipe too. Some people use just the lemon water and a couple of tablespoons of ACV and some people add extras like Stevia,  honey or cinnamon. The one thing I found in common during my research was that most people drink this in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast.

I decided to put this to the test on my own body. I followed the suggestions of many articles I found on the internet by making this drink every  morning 30 minutes before breakfast. I did this religiously for 2 weeks straight. After 2 weeks, I found that it did absolutely nothing for me and I was very disappointed. But then I kept hearing that it worked wonders by coworkers and even influencers online and I just had to go back and try it again. It was obvious to me that I was doing something wrong and so I started to consider what works for my body instead of listening to people’s suggestion. Although I’m a plus size woman, I’m in pretty good shape Health-wise so it was time to start experimenting with what my body type requires and what I know my body needs.

I changed the recipe around a bit to add cinnamon and I found I didn’t like that. I started avoiding certain foods too and it still didn’t make much of a difference in my body. What I was looking for as a result of drinking this was a little bit of weight loss, the feeling of detoxing my body and the feeling of better hydration. But even with the changes, I didn’t achieve any of what I was expecting.

After careful consideration, I did the one thing that made all the difference in the world. Instead of drinking this 30 minutes before breakfast after spending 8 hours of fasting, I changed it to drinking it prior to going to sleep. Think about it, you want to detox your body of all the bad stuff right? The best way to achieve that is to drink a detox drink at the end of the day instead.


After you’ve had all your meals of the day and you’re getting yourself ready for bed, that’s when it makes the most sense.

After 2 weeks, this is what’s happening:

*I feel more hydrated.

*I body feels cleaner.

*I feel more inclined to put only good things in my body food wise and I feel fuller longer.

*I’m more regular. My bowl movements are consistent and comfortable. First thing I do when I wake up and at least 2 more times during the day!

*I have maintained my weight even though I’m not on a diet right now.

*My skin is clearer.

*I feel healthier.

Of course, all the benefits are in conjunction with eating better and moving your body around more often, but I’m here today to vouch for this method and suggest you all listen to your body and work with what you know about yourself. Sometimes there are wonderful things out there that we can do we just have to tweak it a little bit in order to benefit from it.





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