My Skincare Routine: Simple & Effective

I have never been the type of person to obsess over products that make you look younger or that prevent lines and wrinkles, but as I get older I find that having an effective skincare routine is a must.

I’m very careful of the products I put on my skin and I try to stick to natural and no harsh chemicals whenever possible. So my skincare routine is a simple one. I use face wash, under eye pads, facial oil and a moisturizer. This combination keeps my skin looking fresh and healthy with a special glow. Below I will discuss the steps to clean looking skin and show you a quick video demonstration. 

1.Simple Foaming Cleanser and Pure Radiance Sonic Cleansing System

I find that the simple face wash is best for people with combination skin, but that also have sensitive skin. This one has the perfect balance. It’s not drying or oily and it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. 

The Pure Radiance Sonic Facial Cleansing system is a great tool simply because it’s effective and wont break the bank. It comes with three different brush heads that deeply clean and massage the skin in all the right places. It’s also perfect for daily use and for all skin types as well. 

2. Spascriptions Brightening Spa Treatment Mask

eye pads

I use this only 2 times a week, but this is a great addition to any routine. It keeps your under eyes free of dark circles and helps with keeping it radiant and glowy. 

3. PearlEssence Coconut Facial Oil and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

The coconut facial oil can be incorporated at any step of your skincare routine really, but I like to put it on right after my face wash and eye pads. At this point my skin is feeling refreshed but in need of some moisture. I let it sink in for about 10 minutes before adding the hydro boost. I love the Neutrogena hydro boost because it feels very light but adds that extra glow to your skin leaving it looking healthy and super soft. 

That sums it up. See below for a quick demonstration. 

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