How to win at being Plus size

As a plus size woman, I find that I get a lot of questions from people about how I stay trendy and chic while maintaining my own unique style.

And the answer is, it really starts with yourself. If you have the confidence to wear what you want then you’ll pull anything off! Now I know having confidence isn’t something that comes easy, you have to work at it and it takes time. But if you must, fake it till you make it.

My goal in dressing is to withdraw the attention from the fact that I am a plus size woman and draw attention to my style. I accessorize myself as much as possible! The main reason I feature makeup in this blog is because makeup is a great way to draw more attention to your face than your body. If your face is the first thing that someone notices, then you’re golden!

I have learned to perfect the art of contouring my cheeks, jaws and nose to slim my face down. I try to use simple, but classy makeup looks that draw attention to my face. Like the looks below. The silver eye paired with the coral lip or the minimal eye look paired with the bold red lip. Both attention seeking looks that will get you noticed.

As for the outfits, I try to keep it fresh, comfortable and stylish. Wearing tight clothes when you’re plus size not only isn’t a good idea, but most often will make you look bigger. Drawing more attention to the areas you would most likely want to hide. Instead, I try to wear fitted jeans with a loose blouse or a tighter shirt with a looser bottom such as a skirt or ankle pants. The main thing is to add a touch of pop to all your outfits. Whether it’s a bright shirt, a unique scarf, belt or a statement piece of jewelry. Add something that will draw attention immediately like the scarf in this very simple black outfit below.

Another important factor is what you wear on your feet. Heels are a great way to take off a few pounds. I’m a shoe lover so for me it’s easy to pair my outfits with the most amazing pairs of shoes… I have a total of 57 pairs in my closet!! Choose your heels according to what you’re comfortable in, but choose them wisely. Shoes are often a conversation starter so you want to make sure you give people something nice to talk about.

My go to heels are pictured below. It gets a conversation going every time and it’s unbelievably comfortable.

Last but not least, the holy grail for every plus size lady out there looking to appear smoother. This is a must have under everything you wear! It smooths out the curves and slims you down and it’s very affordable.


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