A walk around town: White Plains, NY

Have you ever really stopped to look around where you live? Ever actually taken the time to go places and visit the areas that are most known? Yeah, me neither.

I recently went to brunch with my husband and while we were sitting enjoying our fabulous mimosas, I suggested we make a day out of it and walk around town to explore. I had my camera in my bag since I wanted to get a quick shot of my outfit to post on my instagram so it was the perfect idea.

First we had an amazing brunch at Freebird. https://www.freebirdkitchenandbar.com

Then we headed out to explore and found some really pretty hidden gems. Check out the pictures!

And then we ended the day with the best treat from T-Swirl http://t-swirlcrepe.com/portfolio-item/white-plains/





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