Classic & Simple

Last weekend, I attended a bridal shower and as with most events in my life, I left absolutely everything to the last-minute. I spent my Saturday looking at registries and trying to pick out a gift that was nice, but not yet taken. Naturally, Sunday morning I found myself in front of my closet panicking on what to wear. Of course I had not gone shopping like I always do and time was running out. I was left with the hopes that the large amount of money I usually drop in my local stores filled my closet with a few good pieces to choose from.

When I was ready to give up, I enlisted my husband’s help and I was pleasantly surprised with his picks. He ended up choosing a simple, but classic look with minimal accessories and natural looking makeup. 

Top: Forever21

Pants: NY & Company


Shoes: Sam Edelman 

Watch: Michael Kors

The goal was to look presentable enough for the event, but still feel comfortable in my skin. In the end, it all worked out and I enjoyed wearing this outfit as much as I enjoyed the festivities of my friends bridal shower. 

“Stay focused on your goals. Picture the end result and all the satisfaction it will bring.”



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